Table S5. Functional enrichment of stable protein complexes

Annotation Clus.GO AnnotationP valueRelated Complex
1Translational elongation4.4E-1760S ribosome, 39S ribosome, 39S ribosomal subunit, mitochondrial
1Ribosome2.5E-1560S ribosome, 39S ribosome
2Negative regulation of ubiquitin-protein ligase activity1.8E-1326S Proteasome
2Proteasome5.6E-0826S Proteasome
5Oxidative phosphorylation1.9E-10H+-transporting ATPase, F0_F1 ATP synthase (complex V), Cytochrome bc1 complex (complex III)
5electron transport chain4.3E-05Cytochrome bc1 complex (complex III), Respiratory chain complex I (early intermediate NDUFAF1 assembly) mitochondrial
8snRNA processing4.5E-03Integrator
10RNA polymerase activity2.3E-04RNA polymerase I core, RNA polymerase II core
14ncRNA processing2.1E-03Integrator, exosome
19protein modification by small protein conjugation or removal7.50E-02Paf
20microtubule-based movement4.60E-02Tubulins