Databases, tools, and other resources

These services developed by Bork Group, are mainly designed and maintained for research and academic purposes. Most of services are published and documented in one or more papers (here only a few of them are listed). Please refer to the corresponding publications.

proMGE logo

proMGE: A resource for the retrieval of Mobile Genetic Elements from genomes

GMGC logo

GMGC: An integrated, consistently-processed, gene catalog of the microbial world, combining metagenomics and high-quality sequenced isolates

In collaboration with Luis Pedro Coelho

SIDER: A database of drugs and side effects

NGLess: A domain-specific language for NGS (next-generation sequencing data) processing

In collaboration with Luis Pedro Coelho

ETE 3 logo

ETE 3: A Python framework for the analysis and visualization of trees.

In collaboration with Jaime Huerta-Cepas

Enterotyping: Enterotyping: R tutorials

AQUA: An automatic quality improvment for multiple sequence alignment

PAL2NAL: Conversion of protein sequence alignments into the codon alignments + Ka/Ks-Calculations

PolyPhen: Prediction of functional effect of human nsSNPs

For commercial users: All our tools can be completely customized and integrated into your existing framework. This service is provided by the company biobyte solutions GmbH. Please visit their tools and services pages for full details and more information. Standard commercial licenses for our tools are also available through biobyte solutions GmbH.