Search your protein for repeats using REP - V 1.1

R E P Search your protein for a collection of repeats - V 1.1

Currently implemented repeat families are:
Ankyrin, Armadillo, HAT, HEAT, HEAT_AAA, HEAT_ADB, HEAT_IMB, Kelch, Leucin Rich Repeats, PFTA, PFTB, RCC1, TPR, WD40
Click on the names to see the alignments used for the analysis.

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WARNING! If you select this option, you are going to get all the hits of your sequence against the repeat profiles without any kind of selection. No threshold will be applied. This means that they may not be true hits.
Output format for the hits:

Search a protein alignment for a repeat

Reference paper and supplementary information for the method
Reference for ARM and HEAT profiles

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