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What is DomCut?


DomCut is a www server for the prediction of the linker region between functional domains from amino acid sequence data.

The amino acid composition of linker and domain regions of multidomain proteins was analyzed statistically using a data set retrieved from an amino acid sequence database. Based on the analysis, an amino acid index reflecting the preference in linker regions, called the linker index, was defined. Averaged sum of the linker index is plotted along a sequence, in which the linker position are predicted as minima (see examples).

In this server, the threshold value for minima detection is set to -0.09, and the rank of minima is indicated along the plot. The prediction accuracy varies with the threshold value; at this threshold value, sensitivity (proportion of the total number of successfully predicted linkers against the total number of linkers) is 53.5% and selectivity (proportion of correct predictions in all predictions) is 50.1%. If a trough has a very low value, the prediction is highly confident: for example, for the troughs with the value less than -0.15, the selectivity of prediction is 73.4%.

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Mikita Suyama and Osamu Ohara, "DomCut: prediction of inter-domain linker regions in amino acid sequences", Bioinformatics 19, 673-674 (2003). [reprint (PDF)]



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